International Expansion Project

Market focus:

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A client's perspective:

The contacts made during the weeklong trip were only a small part of the benefit, Darryl Nelson, president of Nelson Environmental Group, received from his consulting engagement. Preparation for the international trip began half a year in advance. Nelson met with the Executive MBA consulting team to brief them on his business, who then set to work preparing a detailed report with data validating market opportunities, describing the structure of the market, outlining the key players and regulations, and much more. 

“I can’t imagine what the cost would be to get a document like what they gave me from a consulting company. It’s superb, and something I could use to attract investment from bankers or Export Development Canada,” Nelson said. “Some of what they did was work I am not even capable of doing in-house.”

“I lost track of how many meetings they had lined up for me [during the week abroad], and they were all relevant, interesting meetings with people you need to know when you enter a new market. How wonderful it is to go to a foreign land and have all of these meetings lined up. The Telfer team took notes and chaired the meetings. I just had to show up and talk. It was wonderful.”

Client partners are not charged for these consulting services, minimizing their financial risk. As in Nelson’s case, senior business leaders of participating organizations often choose to join the Executive MBA teams on their international trips because they see the value coming from the team’s work long before travel dates.

Eligible organizations:

For established Canadian companies with experience in at least one foreign market (USA or other) looking to expand into additional markets.

An international market is preselected by the cohort ahead of this engagement based on an evaluation of priority markets by EDC and Global Affairs Canada as well as feedback from the industry.

Project details:

We support your company’s exploration into high-potential emerging markets, providing:

A strategic market assessment (September – December):
Our team will work closely with you to conduct a robust industry and competitive analysis to identify the opportunity for your company for the market. For example, lead generation, market validation, and partner/supplier evaluations tailored to your business needs. You could consider leveraging Vietnam as a gateway for future expansion into the broader Southeast Asian market.

A comprehensive go-to-market strategy (January – April):
Building on the previous analysis, the consulting team will develop an international expansion strategy and build relationships with potential partners and other stakeholders relating to help you achieve your international expansion objectives.

On-the-ground insights (1 week in April):
Gain valuable, real-time insights during a one-week business trip to the market in April. Join the Executive MBA teams in stakeholder meetings, enhance your market entry efforts, and initiate your own stakeholder relationships that you can continue to develop into fruitful outcomes for your company.

A Canadian support and resource network:
Maximize a network of resources focused on the growth of the Canadian economy. Your team will tap into the extensive expertise and networks of Invest Ottawa, Global Affairs Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service, Export Development Canada, and various Vietnamese-Canada business associations to propel your business forward.

Expectations for your engagement:

Time commitment:

25-60 hours (with 35 hours allocated to in-market meetings)

Your executive(s) will work with an Executive MBA consulting team on a mutually agreed-upon and regular schedule, as outlined in the scope of the consulting engagement. If your executive(s) travel for the one-week trip, expect approximately 35 hours of in-market commitment with scheduled meetings.

Access to information:

To ensure the project’s success, your company will need to provide relevant documentation and information. A non-disclosure agreement will be signed as necessary to protect confidential information.

Travel expenses:

Your company will be responsible for the travel costs of your executive(s) joining the week-long business trip in April 2025, as well as any related out-of-pocket expenses agreed upon with the team during the engagement.

Your feedback:

We value your feedback and learn from your experience. A link to our client feedback form will be sent to you following the delivery of the final consulting report from the Executive MBA team. This feedback is critical to the learning experience of our teams and the evolution of this project for future years. We appreciate you taking 5-10 minutes to reflect on your experience and provide feedback at the end of the engagement.

Project duration:

September – April

Application deadline:

July 31

Apply Now:

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